The Fluidity of Fragrance
Biography Fragrance
Biography is the new line of fragrances from groundbreaking conceptual artist Anicka Yi. This evolving family of scents challenges traditional notions of femininity and subjectivity while also invoking history’s hidden characters. Biography is taking its place in the lineage of resistance against patriarchal concepts of the female—and positing a future in which all femmes are connected in a fluid network. Disrupting the so-called natural with a keen, hybridized intelligence, Biography represents the power to write one’s life beyond one’s biology. In this project, Yi challenged MP Creative to bring her new venture to life by translating its unique vision into packaging, digital experiences, and brand identity.
Yi’s artistic practice fuses fashion, material forms, artificial intelligence, and synthetic biology to realize lush and provocative multisensory experiences. In a testament to Yi’s rich sculptural vocabulary, each Biography bottle combines elements of the natural and the industrial.
Biography was developed by Anicka Yi in collaboration with the master perfumer Barnabé Fillion, an artist in his own right whose fragrance work incorporates both craft-oriented methods and state-of-the-art olfactory science to push the limits of perfumery.