Exhibitions in Print
NowHere Publications
Merging artistic intuition with strategic insights, MP Creative’s mission is to create brand identities and digital platforms that live at the intersection of art, fashion, architecture, and design. Recently, we’ve conceptualized an ongoing series of books that accompany each exhibition at NowHere, a gallery focusing on emerging Japanese artists. Our strategy has been to thoughtfully complement the spirit of each artist’s work while also embodying it in a memento for gallerygoers to take home. Ultimately, our goal is for the audience to find a deeper intimacy with the art via these publications.
We place great importance on the physicality of each volume; we want them to feel inherently valuable. Keeping the larger scope of the project in mind, the books all follow a common template: photos of the work, artist’s statements, personable interviews, and new texts describing and contextualizing the work for readers both novice and savvy.